Alex Nagy (darkknightradic) wrote,
Alex Nagy

Sick Like a Dog

There is a benefit to honouring God to be sure, but you must always go into observances such as communion with a clear and clean heart and conscience. Knowing is just as important as doing.

In this case I got an object lesson. I went into a Passover celebration without addressing something God had been burdening me with that He wanted me to clear up. I figured I would do it if the other person (as is usually the case this involved an apology on my part for past behaviour) brought it up, but as the time drew nearer and nearer, I had yet to hear anything from my buddy and I had yet to say anything. Don't say there were no consequences as I just spent the rest of last night with diarrhea and, to top it off, I vomited this morning. Yeah, I know there is a stomach bug going around, but the timing is too good to be a coincidence (I do not believe in such, to believe such one would also have to believe God does not take an active role in our affairs which is completely not true).

Let this be a future and only warning for me. I have only started to recover as I admitted my sin and repented. Tomorrow I meet with my Brother (the buddy from earlier) for a meeting prior arranged to discuss our Bible study we are writing under inspiration and I will take care to address this issue. Let it not be said I do not learn from my mistakes.
Tags: communion, consciensce, god, lesson learned, passover

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