Alex Nagy (darkknightradic) wrote,
Alex Nagy

Writer's Block: Life or Something Like It

What experience has changed you for the better (or worse)?

Being diagnosed with a primary bone cancer (Stage 3 osteoblastic osteosarcoma) 17 years after going into remission with Stage 2 Synovial Sarcoma. I've definitely become more aware of God in my life and what it really means to trust in Him for everything, not just big things but everything. Big, little, whatever. Nothing is too petty or below God's concern if it concerns you and nothing asked for in Christ's name will be denied. Even before this second-time cancer diagnosis I had been blessed by God. Born-again in 2009, cured of bi-polar in 2010, married in 2011, and now receiving His healing through the men and women of Vanderbilt University Medical Center - at no charge to myself (I have no insurance or job and my wife took personal leave from her job to be with me) - in Nashville, TN. Even more importantly, though, I have become closer to God throughout all of this and have a deeper understanding of how important it is that we go through Trials & Tribulations.

Without faith in God and supportive family and friends, I would not be able to rationally deal with cancer a second-time. I thank God everyday for the love he pours out over me and all His Children.
Tags: writer's block

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