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Cat Thrown In Trash Can Warrants Death Threats?

If that's the case, I would expect calls for nuclear extermination of those scum-bags who abuse our seniors. Our children. Our special needs folks. What about those murderous scum-bags forcing others into slave labor? Or sexual exploitation? Or human trafficing? Or who start wars for freaking profit?!

This warrants a hefty fine and maybe a few days in the county lockup (or the equivelant in Jolly Ol' England). This warrants the response that the lady who put the cat in the can is receiving (well not really, but the equivelant).

How about we worry about our brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers and children before we worry about a cat. Get a grip people. It is only a cat, and it came away unharmed. I have 4 cats. If you'd like, I'd gladly let you have two if you come and pick them up. You people who have more outrage for a poorly thought out joke then for the neglect and suffering of your fellow humans sicken me.
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