Alex Nagy (darkknightradic) wrote,
Alex Nagy

Letting God Lead The Way

Over the past two months or so, I've been helping to build a church. The buidling is for a church I attend. The really amazing part isn't that I'm working for free, it's what God has done for me and to me while I've been working on it.

One of the biggest things is my acrophobia. I hate heights. I hate ladders even more. I still don't really like either, but I've been able to overcome both because of strength and courage given to me by God. He didn't have to do that for me, but because I was willing to do what was necessary to build His church, He blessed me with the means to do so. A friend to pick me up and work with, courage to overcome irrational fear, and skill to do what needs to be done without getting (seriously) hurt. I can't help but praise God for what He's done.

He's grown my faith in other ways. At one time or another the enemy has sent up walls that seemed insurmountable. Even now we've overcome everything that the enemy has thrown against us. Not because of any strength or ability or resource we provided. Those familiar with the intimate details of what has been going on are aware of just exactly what the problems are (or were). On 1 August 2010 Bridges of Hope Fellowship in McMinnville, TN will be celebrating our first service in God's house. We will be winning souls to Christ so that a greater part of humanity may share in what our Heavenly Father wants for all of us (that is, for us to have perfect fellowship with Him).

Praise God!
Tags: christianity, god

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