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As I Head To bed

I am left to wonder on many things as I head to bed.

Like why people would break into a church (under construction or otherwise) and leave behind their own excrement and then proceed to steal from the site. Not cool at all.

I'm left wondering about my interpretation of 1 Pet 5; 2 Pet 1; Gal 2:20; Romans 3:10,23; Romans 6:7-14

Is it correct? I believe it is, but no matter if it is or isn't, only God knows for sure. I pray that I am correct, otherwise I've got some major concerns.

I'm left wondering about what happened during my three-day fast. Was I just convicted of something unrelated to what I was fasting about? Pretty convenient though how that devotional happened to be in the middle of my fast. How it happened to be just what I needed to hear right then and there. There are no coincidences with God, so now is left the interpretation. Too much for my little mind to consider. I'm not even sure where I need to begin in my study to confirm if what I've read is correct or not. I don't think I would have been convicted otherwise, but I feel it would be contemptous at best. Or maybe I'm hoping for a different answer, or even a little of both.

Oh, and fair warning. This is the new, real me. Get used to it or leave. I love you all who have remained my acquaintance (though I know some of you are inactive and don't even know what's going on in my journal, no big deal), but I'm not pulling punches just to make you happy.

frynge, I've already got plans to come see you once I get a car and my license back. I'm sorry I was such a boring person to hang out with last time you were visiting your parents, but Third Shift + daytime antics don't mix too well unfortunately. Perhaps I'll bring my profession with me, enabling me to stay as long as I want before moving on.

The life I have chosen is not easy. Will never be easy, but my stay in this world is only temporary. A trial by fire, so to speak. I do know that when I move onward, I will be going to heaven. I plan on taking every last one of you with me. Though I do know, the best laid plans of mice and men and all that jazz.

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