December 2nd, 2009


The State of the World

I look around me and see so much death and destruction, disease and famine and amidst all of that, instead of seeing my fellow humans loving on each other, I find we are warring with each other. Christan vs. non-Christian, Republican vs. Democrat, Black vs. White, White vs. Native American, American vs. British or whatever else that we decide upon that divides us instead of focusing on what brings us all together. We look at differences instead of similarity. I truly believe we are all children of God and that He is looking for us all to come home to Him before he lets loose with his Almighty Wrath, but we can't seem to stop fighting.

Guess what folks, all fighting does is keep us apart. Instead of being like brothers and sisters to each other we are all like two warring factions of insects. We fight for territory because we believe more territory will make us better and happier. We fight for women because we believe having the most beautiful women will make us better and happier. We fight for money because we believe more money will make us better and happier. None of that stuff matters! Not a lick of it matters. We are born, live and die in a short matter of time.

1 Thessalonians 5:15 "See that no one renders evil to anyone, but always pursue what is good both for yourselves and for all."

Such a simple teaching from God through the apostle Paul, yet all around me I see people not heeding it. Perhaps they don't understand it? Perhaps they don't have know what's in store for them?

I just recently finished reading a book called Tortured for Christ by Richard Wurmbrand (founder of Voice of the Martyrs) in which we are presented with the ultimate representation of the evil one's power in this world, Communism. The destroyer of freedom, the destroyer of individualism, the destroyer of hope, the destroyer of light, the destroyer of prosperity. Or so he thinks. In Tortured for Christ we find hope, light, prosperity (but not as we think of it), individualism and freedom (in Christ). Unfortunately the evil one isn't only at work in the Communistic nations of the world. He's at work in the prosperous West as well. In this country, in America, we are inundated with the love of money, the love of beauty, the love of sex, the love of <insert-non-God-thing-here> and he's winning! He's losing in Communist Cuba and Communist China and all the persecuted bodies in the captive nations, but he's winning here! Pastor Wurmbrand was rejected by many of the churches in this country because the church has been deceived and they have bought into the deception! Satan is alive and well throughout the world and he is most active here because he's found in our prosperity and liberty a way to keep us from God without even showing his hand directly! In this country it's not a clever quip or useful feature that sells a product. It's not great taste or awesome value for the money. It's not healthy living or being modest that represents our values. Almost everything is about sex. Teens in adult situations, wearing adult outfits. It's beauty pageants where little girls are expected to dress up as adult women almost 4-10 times their age! It's in almost all the make-up commercials and beauty magazines. Sex is in the tabloids. But where is the outcry for the persecuted church in a nation founded by Christians and puritans and Amish and diests? Almost every one of the founding fathers (not just the most famous ones) had some sort of Christian background (there were a few atheists I'm sure). Our Constitution is based on Christian morality. Even our most sacred laws (don't kill, don't rape, don't steal) are based on entirely Christian principles. Yet we send foreign aid to terrorists, we buy from Communists, we fund corrupt governments and violent insurrections. We sell weapons to our enemies and then wonder how they were able to wound us. All for the love of money, or sex, or whatever motivates the people in power. Where is the support for the persecuted church while we're sending out billions of dollars in aid to the non-believers (and I'm not talking about government aid, I'm talking about personal dollars directly donated to charity)? I'm not saying we shouldn't feed and house the homeless and the poor, I am saying that our first duty as believers is to help fellow believers. We need to be funding them with money and materials and prayer. Yet most of us just turn a blind eye to it all. I am so disgusted by it all, yet all I can do is pray for I have no influence, no authority. I do pray for those in positions of authority. For while God pre-ordained our leaders, they still have free will to enter into righteousness with Him or into sin with Satan. Follow our leaders, but do not let them lead you into sin. Pray for them all that they may be moved by Christ Jesus to do great things in His name. Pray for them all that they may lead this and other nations into harmony with each other. May we all be of one mind and one accord for Christ Jesus and God the Father.

In Jesus' name I pray, Amen.