May 19th, 2009



One of the (many) side effects from the medication I take for bipolar disorder is the possibility of causing diabetes and because there is a family history of diabetes my psychiatrist wants me to check my blood sugar once every three months. So far my dad tells me that my blood sugar checks out just fine for both times I've actually checked it (a blood sugar level of 83 is apparently good). I've just found it really odd though, that medicine that's supposed to be helping you can have such detrimental side effects (liver damage, kidney damage, etc.).

What's the point of taking any medication if the side effect is worse then what you're suffering from (I am by no means advocating that people stop taking their medicine)? Do the pharmaceutical companies really have our best interest in mind when they put out these so-called beneficial drugs?

All things considered, I think the best thing people can do is to look up all the information on their medications that they can find. Ask your doctor questions if you don't understand something. Discuss with him or her the cost/benefit of taking a particular medication over another one. And above all, never take more of a medication then you are prescribed unless your doctor authorizes it! There's no benefit from forcing a side effect to materialize if it can be avoided.

Also, lets get the pharmaceutical companies to start making medications that are less damaging to the human body.

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