May 7th, 2009



Just found out that my best friend is moving back to town (for how long I don't know). It's been several years since I last saw him, which is unfortunate. The fact that he's having to move back home isn't really good, either. I guess neither of us were really prepared for what life threw at us, but he kept at it a lot longer than I did. If nothing else I have to give mi amigo kudos for toughing it out as long as he did. I imagine he's got some stories to tell once he gets rested up from his trip from Colorado.

In a way I'm glad he's moving back to town. It'll give me an excuse to get out of the house and do things during the day, especially on my day off. Not that I don't have other friends or anything, just none that would possibly have the time to do random things on a whim (my bud is notorious for doing things on a whim).

I really am looking forward to having my bud back in town, I just wish it were under better circumstances for him.


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