March 10th, 2009


Hunting and Fishing

Yesterday I bought a combination hunting and fishing license for my state. I am greatly looking forward to starting up a new tackle box. I say new because all my old ones have generally consisted of an old Fisher Price fishing set or borrowing from my dad. I think it's way past time that I got one of my own. By the end of the fishing season I'll have caught myself something other then underwater hazards. I want to go after catfish, bass, and maybe even trout. There's a guide to fishing throughout the state offered for sale where I bought my license so that's one of the first things I'm going to be picking up as I get my gear together (which is going to include a brand new rod and reel and an extra spool of high-test line). I'll probably even wind up subscribing to a fishing magazine so I can learn about all the different things offered.

Once I have most of my gear together, the only time I'll have to reinvest is once a year for my license, occasionally for live bait, and occasionally for replacing lost lures and hooks and what not. I think the high cost of entry into the sport is worth being able to bring essentially free, fresh fish home to be prepared for dinner.l

Why a combo license? I want to go hunting as well. Even though my dad owns several rifles, I want to buy a few of my own, possibly even a shotgun, a rifle/shotgun cleaning kit and the appropriate accessories for a successful and safe hunting expedition. Four deer a year (the limit, if I recall correctly, in my state) would definitely be enough to feed my family for at least a few months. I wouldn't even mind getting a turkey or two. It'd be nice to have a fresh, wild turkey for Thanksgiving Day dinner one year. Again, the high cost of entry into hunting will pay off in the long run, especially with proper rifle and shotgun maintenance. Once your in, the cost of staying in stays relatively low in comparison to the possible rewards.

Those are my justifications anyway for spending money on them.

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