February 11th, 2009


February Storms

Oklahoma was hit with rare February tornadoes today which caused 8 deaths and numerous injuries. I bring this up because being near a tornado, or in a storm that is causing them, is one of my greatest fears and I don't think it irrational at all. Torandoes are violent, unpredictable killers. They destroy property and lives. To be completely honest I also am completely enthralled with them because there is so much we don't know about them. They both thrill me and fill me with this all consuming, paralyzing fear. The last thing I ever want is to be in or near another tornado producing storm. Due to where I live and the nature of weather, it's a dream I'll probably not realize anytime soon, if ever.

When I was driving, if I ever got into a really violent thunderstorm I'd always keep myself alert for any signs of one. If I were a passenger, thats the only thing I'd do during the day is keep a look out for a tornado during a storm. Walking home at night during the windy part of an oncoming storm would always put me on edge more then the thought of any threat of criminals. I was, and have always been, more afraid of violent weather. I don't know why but sometimes it's almost crippling.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to answer my friend Stu's question he asked in an email:

Fear. Plain and simple. Fear and fear alone keep me from doing that. I don't want to be not successful. Hopefully my attempts at becoming a product reviewer won't be crippled by fear.

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