January 24th, 2009


Product Reviews

As a means of driving up my post count at A2.0 I've decided that I could do product reviews, particularly food products but not necessarily limited to those. As such, I need to have clear cut guidelines both for myself and product submitters to follow. I feel the most imporant ones will be the ones I will be following as I want to be taken seriously, I want to be, eventually, considered an authorative source. So how does one begin? I know that some sites like PayPerPost and Commission Junction used to have offers from their clients to review products, but you generally have to have a high ranking blog to be able to accept those offers (and for some reason Google doesn't want to give me any pagerank at all as of late).

I figure at first I can do unsolicited reviews of products I would normally buy (food, clothing from different manufacturers/designers, etc.) and can afford to buy multiples of and as I build up posts and readership (and in turn, hopefully, pagerank), I would like to be able to solicit or be solicited for reviews of other products. I've already got an idea for the solictor/solicitation guidelines as well as the review guidelines, but I'm hoping that Chad, Sterling and Stu will have some ideas that they'll share, as well.