January 14th, 2009


Bipolar Disorder & Me

I had every intention of doing a lot more talking about my bipolar disorder and how it's affecting my life and how I'm overcoming it, but with my WRAP — which I haven't had to use more then once since moving home — and my medications — which I'm taking every day without complaint — I really have found things fairly smooth sailing. I've made it past anniversaries of things that usually brought me down into a deep depression without any problems. I'm navigating the socio-political layout of inter-associate interaction without much problems. I'm even managing to make headway into one of my goals after moving back in with my parents. So I'm not really left with a lot to post about.

I bought a money order for one of the tickets I owe on and sent it off yesterday. By the end of the week it should reach the courthouse and be applied toward my debt. One of next month's paychecks will go toward paying off two other tickets (two citations, same courthouse). After getting the money order I just sent off, I treated myself to ~$75 worth of music (The Essential Trance Collection (6 CDs), DJ Irene Box Set Volume 2, and DJ Tiesto's In Search of Sunrise vol. 5). I already purchased lunches for work, a new pair of dress slacks and a dress shirt (dear God, I bought myself a dress shirt, the world is definitely coming to an end q: ), and part of what's needed for me to make the household an authentic dinner of English-style fish and chips. I even have a London-style malt vinegar waiting to be put on some yummy breaded codfish.

What money I have left over goes to paying my monthly membership in Prepaid Legal Services, Inc. (a worthwhile membership in my opinion) and for mad money. The only thing I still have problems with is impulse spending, but I don't feel it's too big of a problem as long as my bills are being paid. To me that shows some measure of control.

Oh yeah, I got two phone calls from Debbee over the past two days. I have a new phone number for her so later on today I'll be calling her. Life does seem to be getting better, just a little bit at a time.

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