November 7th, 2008


Barack Obama Is a Statist

Often you'll hear people, when referring to unpleasant labels, call upon the truism "If the shoe fits" or it's various incarnations, another popular one being "If it quacks like a duck and walks like a duck it must be a duck."

So where do I get off calling our newest President Elect a Statist? Well he's already promised more social welfare and corporate welfare, and the very definition of statism, taken from Merriam-Webster, concentration of economic controls and planning in the hands of a highly centralized government often extending to government ownership of industry. Granted this got started under George Bush, but Obama has promised to continue this and I for one believe him.

Is this a good thing? Absolutely not. A market free of government influence is what we need, not one fettered and reigned and poked and prodded in directions it doesn't need to go. What started the sub-prime meltdown? Government intervention in the way of a friendly nudge to go ahead and lend like crazy. Now we are reaping the rewards of what we have sown and what do we do? We look to government, the original cause of the problem, to provide a solution that really isn't a solution.

This country is not financially solvent anymore. We are bankrupt. Your paper money is worthless and your coins are only worth the metal they are stamped out of. We're robbing Peter to pay Paul in regards to Social Security and Disability benefits. Those states that provide state provided health insurance are falling over themselves to keep financially solvent, at least on the books, themselves. America is in the poor house, folks. Wake up and smell the coffee, the roses or whatever scent gets you going in the morning. Turn on your minds and turn off the government propaganda for just 5 minutes.

A friend of mine in this blog entry is complaining about her neighbors berating Obama before he takes office, but I have to ask, what are they saying (if you filter out the religious BS for just a moment) that isn't true? People have voted for Obama just because he's black. That is racist no matter how you look at it. A spade's a spade. Obama is going to be worse then Carter, almost gaurenteed. The best we can hope for is a Bill Clinton clone. If he can manage that he might still be a better president then Carter. Maybe. He's publicly all but declared himself a statist and is all for corporate welfare.

Fine, go ahead and complain, but ask yourself this. If you break down his policy promises and really give them a hard, logical look and properly put his plans into perspective the best thing you can really hope for is to not wake up in a gulag in Alaska before his four years are out.

I just want to say thank you for all those who voted for Obama thereby voting against anything the Constitution stands for. Sure, it's great we put a black man into the White House, but I'm afraid we put the wrong one in and kept the right one out.


Originally published at Ameliorations 1.0.

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