September 11th, 2008


Sweet Dreams Are Made of These

With my apologies to the Eurythmics, I had a really, really odd dream.

Since I've waited too long to recall the entire thing, I will recall what I can.

I was with my family and we were holding this really big party. I think it was at my paternal grandparents old home. It was a bicycle riding party, I think, because there were a lot of bikes around. I was angry at my parents for some reason so I did nothing to help in any way. I even did my best to avoid people. What made it weird was the folks I went to high school with were there. I only recognized one of them (one of the few women I went to high school with who genuinely treated me with respect), but even then it was only as a name. I couldn't really "see" too many faces either way, it was more of a general impression of who they were. The one high school classmate I recognized was once again treating me in a decent manner (I'm 100% convinced she's always like that to everyone). For some reason there were a lot of women in the dream, even though there wasn't any references at all to the Queen song, "Fat Bottomed Girls" or "Bicycle Race", and no small amount of sexual tension (disturbing as that may be).

I'm not exactly sure what this dream was brought about by, but whatever it was, I wouldn't mind subjecting myself to it again. It was a pleasant dream and I'd like to have another chance at interpreting it and see if I can't pull out any more details.

What do you guys think?

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