September 9th, 2008


Avon Calling

So now I'm a representative with Avon to try and make some extra cash on the side. Since there is no minimum order size, I won't be feeling pressured to put one in, well, no pressure except what I exert on myself. I plan on taking a relaxed approach to this. If I get at least 4-5 orders a campaign, awesome. If not, that's OK too. I know I can be a good salesman, I have a good deal of the traits that make a good salesman. I'm self-motivated (for the most part, I believe I am), I enjoy talking to people, and I like meeting new folks. The beauty of this is that I don't even have to do anything past casually inserting into a pertinent conversation that I sell Avon. So you see, I already have a strategy and I haven't even done more then get some sleep after the meeting.

In other news, my ex's ex's lawyer contacted me via email wanting me to call her to ask me questions in regards to my previous relationship with my ex. Apparently my name got brought up during the case her ex is making for visitation rights and I'm just really annoyed. I have no intentions of getting involved at all if I can at all help it mainly because I have absolutely nothing to say, at least not without an attorney present.

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