August 20th, 2008


Fortune Cookie Madness

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So a couple of weeks ago my mom took me, a friend, my sister her son out to lunch at a place in town called Ming's, a Chinese buffet with Japanese and southern dishes on the menu (wtf?). The whole time my buddy and I are joking about how either he or I would be leaving or asking for the waitresses phone number (all out of earshot of the polite waitress who took extra special care of us despite my nephew's proclivity for not being a neat eater). This all goes on in good jest as we're all absolutely polite to the young woman who obviously enjoys her job. No need to spoil it with unwanted attention, especially since I wasn't 100% sure she wasn't under age. Two risks with no perceived benefit, that and it's just not polite, you know?

So anyway, we're still joking about it and my mom's face is beet red by the end of the meal. She's embarrassed, I don't know why, and my friend and I are just having a real fun time. So we get our check with the fortune cookies and my friend and I immediately just grab the first two we can reach, which horrifies my sister. She's all like, "Oh my gawd, you ruined the fortune cookie karma" or some such and tells how her and David and some of her friends have this way of getting the perfect fortunes by not choosing the first one they reach for, but trying to "feel" the karma from the cookie. My friend and I just roll our eyes and proceed to open the bag and eat the cookie, much to her horror. What really got her in the craw, though, was that our fortunes were as perfect as they could be for not only that day but almost any other situation that involved the recipient. My fortune was "It is not in your character to give up." I couldn't have laughed harder if I had tried.

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