August 14th, 2008


In A Word

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I can't really say everything I need to in a word, so this might be a long one (and probably not posted for several days as I write it all down and edit and what not). Or maybe it won't take that long or be that involved, but just in case it is, there's the warning.

I've been tagged by Sterling to do The Bucket List meme. I've not seen the movie but understand the premise. Sterling was tagged by Teeni. Now for the meme.

8 things that would be on my list. So, here we go.
  1. Travel. There is so much of the United States I haven't seen, not to mention the rest of the world, that I'm not sure where I'd begin. I think backpacking through the Appalachians would be a good start, though.

  2. Learn at least one other language well enough to pass off as a native speaker of it. It'd be nice to go to someone else's country, or even here in the US, and speak to them in their native tongue instead of my own.

  3. Find a point in my life where I can accept being loved. I think a big part of my problems in relationships stems from that and to overcome that would be nice, even if I wound up staying single anyway.

  4. Step foot on the moon and visit the very first moon lander and see Neil Armstrong and John Glenn's footprints. See if the lunar rover still works and maybe take it for a joy ride.

  5. Get at least one book published, whether it's my poetry or a collection of my short fiction, or whatever. Doesn't even have to be a best seller. Oh yeah, it has to be licensed under the terms of the CCD CopyWrite no matter what.

  6. I'd like to own my own restaurant. My rules, everyone else be damned. The first rule would be no main courses taking less then 45 minutes to arrive at the table. The second rule would be no ketchup.

  7. I want to fully restore, with completely OEM parts, a 1968 VW Beetle, for no other reason then my own undying love for that particular car. I have some memories from when I was a kid about it, like how the back seat springs were trying to poke through the seat or how it had that distinctive buzz. I'm fairly certain I could do it myself, too. I know plenty of people with an engine hoist and I have the tools to do the job myself.

  8. Setup and host a convention of all my Internet and First Life™ buddies, one that all of them attends, not just to meet me, or because I'm important, but because it'd be fun to have a convention for the sake of having a convention. We can even include vendors of tasty Japanese treats like Wasabi Peas and Pocky. I'm sure it would be the mother of all conventions (MOAC), too.

Who do I tag? No one. If you want to do it, go ahead and do it, just link back here (or not). It's 6 in the morning and I'm daft from not doing anything all night.

I just finished reading Blue Like Jazz. I just don't know how to sum up that book, except to say I really shed some tears at the end. It's not a self-help guide, not in the traditional sense of the word. It's not a guide at all, I think, except in-as-much as you're taking through Don's real life from boyhood to adulthood and his struggles with religion, himself and becoming a better Christian; not through religion but through spirituality. I'd recommend it to all my friends, even those who don't believe or aren't sure what they believe. It's a good book no matter how you approach it. My strongest comment about it is that he isn't trying to sell anything to anyone. He's just being himself and laying bare his soul. I wish I would have bought it three years ago.

In the meantime I've been enjoying my days off. Keeping to my work sleep schedule, as much as I hate it. I've made some new friends toward the east, across that big ol' pond we all know (I hope) and love (I hope).

I wanted to get some work done today with my blogs and new sites but due to me being a putz and not realizing the uber-restrictive settings on my software firewall were keeping me from accessing the net, I wound up being offline until about 6 hours ago. I've spent the rest of the time catching up on email and blogs. Oh well, I'll just have to deal.

I'm currently downloading Anarchy Online to check it out (it is free to play right now), if I like it and the price is reasonable, it might be the first MMO I subscribe to. Otherwise I'll just go back to playing Guild Wars. I'm considering giving up on Second Life. I play with a basic, free account (not sure when they started doing this crap but whatever). I'm having login issues. Apparently support for login issues isn't extended to basic account holders. And you want me to pay how much a month/trimester/year to play with full support? Fuck. That. For what they are charging I could buy several copies of Guild Wars: Factions Platinum Edition or some other MMO that's actually good. I only got into Second Life in the first place because my buddies were telling me how cool it was (and it was when I first signed up).

I want to get back to playing Ragnarok Online, but I'm having trouble getting a copy of their client. If I could get the torrent file I'd be very happy, but their servers are being pissy at the moment.

That's all for now, I guess.

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