August 10th, 2008


Welcome to the New Home of Change

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Welcome to my new home, everyone. I hope you'll have a look around. I must apologize though, for the state of the the front room, it's a horrid mess I know but I will be cleaning it up tomorrow. I've also got another site going up over here, the layout is completely my own design and probably will be further refined in the coming months. The biggest change I'm thinking of making is having several color schemes going with different layouts, meaning that the "main.css" currently powering the site will become a very simple affair that will be called up in other css files using the @import rule. My brother-in-law has already provided a javascript powered style-switcher (for those of you whose user agents don't provide a way to switch between multiple defined styles). I could even conceivably set up a conditional comment (never done that before on my own so might need some help on that one) so that only certain UA's render the code. Muahahaha, evil thoughts of web-domination run through my head now. Wink, wink.

Anyway, I just want to again welcome you to my new home on the web. I'll also be tidying up my workplace as well, making it look all pretty and all.

Toodles for now! (omg, I used toodles in a sentence, I'm so going to hell for that)

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