October 14th, 2006


Life in the Slow Lane

It's been a boring two weeks that I've spent at my apartment. The other day I went out to go to the nearby within-walking-distance grocery store only to find it out it closed its doors despite having phenomenal business. So I wound up going to the Hallmark store next door and buying two Ty Beanies (a Beanie classic and a Beanie Baby) for my mom. I then went out to eat at the Chinese buffet place next door, and then checked out an imported Asian food shop. That's the most excitement I've had in days. Eddie, my former roommate, is nowhere to be found although I still have all his stuff. I hope he's OK.

I find myself missing very much artzamy23. More-so because she's so close distance wise.

Work would be going OK if I could remember my schedule. Heh. I've missed a day of work because of this forgetfullness. No more, I can't afford to.

Mainly I've been sitting at home reading books. I've recently read the uncut version of Stranger in a Strange Land and I must say, it is a phenomenal book. I don't grok it yet, but fullness will come with waiting. (;

I've almost finished the Riverworld Saga by Philip Jose Farmer. The Magic Labyrinth and Gods of Riverworld are the last two books I need to read.