October 3rd, 2006


I'm On Your Public Computers, Making Your LJ Posts

It's amazing what silly things make it into meme history and what things are relegated to the anuses of the dustbins, or something like that.

Anyone remember the Collapse )? I do and I recently got an update. Apparently I need to change my user info as it still thinks I'm in Huntsville, AL. C'est la vie.

I'm going to be creating a private group, because I'm in need of another iFriend therapy session. More to follow on that.

I'm going to be quitting Ryan's soon. I'm sick and tired of the utter crap that I and the other team members are having to put up with just to work at one of the lowest paying jobs in Knoxville. When I am on my last day, I will give the exact and unfiltered reasons why I have come to believe the job is crap. Sorry shikarou to have dragged you into such a morass of arseholery.

I'm in my new apartment! Yay me! It's boring as heck, don't let anyone tell you any different. I spent all morning and most of this afternoon reading (I started and finished a fiendishly funny scifi book called Pyramid Scheme by David Fleer), and here I am back at the library, but this time with a non-fiction book called Flash! by Govert Schilling. I anxiously await to see what the author has to say about what he has deemed The hunt for the biggest explosions in the universe. Now that's a book for those of you who like big bangs (who wants to bet I can't make that into a triple-entendre). ;)

I've been told by an acquantince/coworker that I've been more aggressive lately, and I have been. Not all of it negatively so.

Bah. Not much else I can think of to say really quickly, I'm down to 41 minutes and still have to post most of this to my other journal (just because I want to). Au bentiot!
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