June 29th, 2006


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I died in the Dungeon of Chemchick

I was killed in a grimy alcove by The Tabula Rasa the cockatrice, whilst carrying...

the Shield of Illlaw, the Wand of Kuh For Senate, the Armour of Elkoralish, the Sceptre of Slankeyw, the Sword of Shootoutpunk13, a Figurine of Nexa, the Shield of Lordxyyndragon, the Sceptre of Faggot Smoker, the Wand of Phairbear, a Figurine of Djlaurieb, a Figurine of Sara Tonin and 118 gold pieces.

Score: 159

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Web Host

I'm looking for a new web host. I'm rather displeased at what GoDaddy gives me for what I am paying. What I am looking for is a web host that provides the following:

Apache on Linux
Shell access
PHP (optional)
5GB disk space
250 GB of bandwidth
MySQL (at least 5 dbs)

What I'm getting currently:
5 GB space
250 GB transfer
10 MySQL dbs

I'm paying about 3.59/month but would be willing to pay more for all that I'm asking.

If anybody has any suggestions while I work on getting a home network setup so I could just host myself, feel free to comment.