June 3rd, 2006


Food Experimentation

So many people are so afraid of experimenting with their food that they buy cook book after cook book just so that they don't make something the wrong way. Those of you who follow this journal with any regularity (this will be posted in both my LiveJournal and Wordpress powered blog) know that I love to cook, and more then that, I love to experiment with the foods I cook with. Those who have just tuned in recently, now you know. I love to experiment with the foods I cook.

Today's experiment involved dark meat chicken, apparently the bane of society as most people at the place where I semi-dutifully work want white meat and God-forbid we don't have any more out because everyone before them took it all. Anyways, on with the show!

Today I used leg quarters (drum sticks attached to the the thigh), skin on. The first experiment, being an utter success will be reserved for inclusion in a cook book that I will e-publish and auction off copies of on eBay*. The second experiment is a success but one that I want to share with you. I will say the first one was a bit complex, but prep time didn't exceed 10 minutes. Prep time for experiment two was 2.5 minutes, give or take.

Two leg quarters, skin on
1 8oz can of pineapple chunks in juice
4oz of balsamic vinegar
4oz of EVOO
Old Bay seasoning

Take the leg quarters and split them along the joint so you wind up with four pieces. Place in a baking dish, season to taste with Old Bay, drizzle on balsamic vinegar and EVOO. Open and pour on pineapple chunks (juice and all). Bake in a pre-heated oven at 400 degrees until cooked. Enjoy!

The first recipe was much better then this KISS recipe. I hope you all enjoy!