May 8th, 2006


The Tale of the Two-year old Who Wouldn't Eat

It doesn't matter if he's had his medicine or not (he's been prescribed an anti-histamine to enhance his hunger), he won't swallow 90% of the food we give him. He'll chew it up, get all the flavor from it, and then spit it out.

It frustrates me so much, because even the quick and simple dishes I make I try to make desirable for everyone, and it seems like he doesn't care how good it tastes, he doesn't want the sustenance that he would get from the meat, or anything else that matter. I sauteed up some carrots (sliced thin) and then added marinated beef tips (from rib-eye) with the marinade to the pot and cooked until medium well (I was wanting to stop at medium rare/medium, but artzamy23 wanted it cooked a bit more). The carrots are nice and soft without being mushy. I used Lea and Perrins Worcestershire with some Thai seasoning. The combination of spices was rather fruity and not at all spicy, even to my discerning palate.

It's really starting to bother me — as well as adding pause for concern — that he isn't eating well. He doesn't want adult foods although he desires them when we go out. There are times he will eat big people food, and times like tonight when I just get so frustrated. Gah.

Any suggestions from the parents out there (I'm looking at you valiskeogh and runwolf).

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