March 15th, 2006


Linux Meeting

I went to a meeting last night and met some great people, I only wish we could have staid longer but the trip to Chattanooga was much longer then I anticipated and for Amy to get to work on time we had to leave almost as soon as we got there.

I did, however, pick up three working 486 Pack Bells for a Linux based firewall/router setup (I'll only actually need one for that purpose, I'm going to salvage the other two for the one I decide to put up).

Now I just need to go back to my parents home and pick up the rest of my stuff (haha, not in a Ford Focus but oh well) and when I come back I'll start running Linux on the pack bell.

Um, not much to really report other then that a 2-year old screaming can wake you up pretty thoroughly. I'm sure valiskeogh already knows this, hehe.

Anyways, off to make sure Micah doesn't destroy anything in the house (the Pack Bell's not included, those towers are bigger then XBox, have a base nearly as wide as it is tall, and are made of some indestructible material, I think).