March 14th, 2006


It's Been a While

Been having a good time of it up in Knoxville. Things between artzamy23 and I are going well. Right now her son and I are spending a day together (I'm off from work and she's at work 5 days a week) and things are not a total wreck. He bathed, I showered; he ate, I ate. Changed a few diapers and now he's napping (without a pacifier, woot).

I've been working at one of the Ryan's down here in Knoxvegas but I'm probably going to be in the process, after today, of changing to a better paying job. The interview is today at 4 pm EST, then later on this evening in Chattanooga we're going to a CHUGALUG meeting where I'm picking up spare computers for a linux-based firewall/router and for some Linux comraderieship. What's cool is Micah's welcome and one of the other members of CHUGALUG will be bringing their two year old. Ah the power of the penguin being taught to such young minds. I feel so "Evil Genius" right now.

This isn't how I envisioned starting a family but I wouldn't trade Amy or Micah for anything.

Oh yeah! Almost forgot, the little guy is a raver in training!