March 1st, 2006


I Is Drunk

We had a dinner party of sorts at a friend of Amy's, nice couple they are, and I had a little too much to drink (4 becks, 4 glasses of wine) so now I'm a bit drunk. I made some new friends, though, and that's good. I know, I know. I didn't have to get drunk, but I like to drink good alcohol and Beck's beer, Hogue wine, and Stone House winery's are good.

Also, the other day, we went up into Y-12 (for those of you not in the know, that's the DoE base up in Oak Ridge) accidently and had to turn around at the guard shack because someone (artzamy23) didn't know where they were going. It was hilarious. I was looking for a plastic fork in a bag, wearing an "indie" shirt (more on that later) and had a styrofoam container on my lap. I was thinking today that it was a good thing they didn't ask for ID because I would have accidently given them my LP membership card. ;)

so anyways, that's been it for the past few days.

Oh yeah, on Valentines Day I became engaged. We have set the date for Sept 15, 2006. If you haven't received an invite and think you should have, please email me at (gmail has good spam filtering so I'm not too worried). If I don't respond (or don't send an invite in response), then please don't take it personally. We're wanting a small-ish ceremony, no fru-fru (although myself and the groomsmen will be in...wait for it...zoot suits), so the list is going to be exclusive.

Love you all, goodnight.