February 2nd, 2006


Long. Freaking. Day.

This day was much longer then it should have been, even though I only worked an hour later than scheduled. District manager was in for our ROE — which we apparently failed (I wasn't there during the eval) — and at about 5 pm got onto me to do 20 different things at once, expecting them all done in 15 minutes when each thing he wanted done would have taken 15 minutes a pop (well, 15 min or less, the only thing that would have taken about 5 minutes was the changing of the pans). I'm ready for them to fire me, and I wish they would. I cannot live up to their expectations, I never could. I really think the only reason the continue to keep me is because my cooking is good. I'm slow at everything (except cooking, and I can't take the blame for a steak taking 10 minutes to reach shoe-leather status well done).

I've been doing some thinking on other issues, and I need to talk to some people before I speak anymore here about that.

Also, I'm seriously considering going over to a Moveable Type or Wordpress style journal on my site, only for the ability to have technorati tags, though.