January 30th, 2006


My Head Hurts

I've been searching most of this evening for wedding info, cabin/chalet rentals, places to have our ceremony at, etc. and the rest of the afternoon, when I wasn't running around with my dad, was spent looking up information on several companies (Sun Micro, RedHat, Microsoft, Yahoo, IBM, Ryan's and Google) to see how worthy they are of my investment dollars. What I've discovered is that right now you need to be uber-rich to invest in Google (ticker symbol GOOG), at $400+ a share, it'll be a while before I invest in my favorite search engine. Surprisingly Ryan's stock wasn't the worst that I found. Both Yahoo (YHOO) and Sun (SUNW) shares are around $4.50/share. Microsoft, Ryans and IBM or more middle of the road (ranging, in no particular order, from $13/share to $81/share) and therefore, on a straight price-per-share basis, more affordable and likely to not leave me wishing I had shorted them instead. So while I follow their live ticker-info, I'll be reading up on quarterly and annual reports and have requested prospectus' from each company. My head is going to freakin' explode.