January 29th, 2006


So What's New?

Well, I've signed up for a bunch of new services (one I had been signed up with for a couple days before I found out about this but that's neither here nor there) after hearing about Steve Kubby. Its horrible what the government is doing to him. Basically all they are doing is killing him by denying him the only thing known to medical science keeping him alive and his cancer in check. The. Only. Thing. I cannot believe that this is not sending a powerful message to the anti-marijuana crowd about just how important this plant in particular is to the treatment and care of people with such life threatening illnesses. shikarou and I doubt he'll last long without the cannabinoids and THC golden-hammer combo that has been keeping him alive for so long.

Of course he wasn't the first one the government has killed in such a manner. There was Peter McWilliams who died 5 years ago at the hands of this country's drug warrior, the aptly (and horrifically) named Drug Czar. A drug war that started long ago based on fear, pseudo-science, and politics.

I can only hope that Steve Kubby will be the last to die at the hands of "law enforcement" officials.

You should also check out Hammer of Truth for more info (to include an email from his wife).