January 25th, 2006


The Role of Government

Let me ask you some questions, and then give you my answers. Feel free
to leave yours in your own journal or in my comments. If you want, you
can even try to dissuade me of my own views. I promise to try and be
open-minded. There are few things though that I do not tolerate at
all. Facism, Totalitarianism (which we as a nation are headed
towards), Dictatorships and Theocracies, etc.

What is the purpose of government?

The government has no purpose. There is nothing the government can do
that I, or a private company that I hire, cannot do for myself.
Prevent a war with another nation? Dispute Resolution Organizations,
which will pop up in the absence of government, can help you there.

Protection from others (armed thugs and the like)?

An armed society is a polite society. Look at Cold War-era Soviet
Russia and the United States. No one wants to die, and most people
don't want to be responsible for the deaths of others. Mutually
Assured Destruction is a great deterrant to war.

Collecting taxes and raising an army?

I can be assured that when I pay for a mercenary army or company or
squad that is what I am getting and won't have to worry that some of
my money is being syphoned off for social welfare programs, unless the
merc organization donates to charities. I only pay what the
mercenaries and I agree upon. If we can't compromise, we both go
elsewhere for business. They won't hold a gun to my head demanding
tribute (not unless they want a steel-toed boot to the balls).

So why do we have government?

Good question, why do we? No government and the FREE market can and
will respond to whatever the participants in the market demand and can

Socialist programs? They won't be needed (like they weren't in
pre-20th Century America) because everyone will have skills to offer.
Need a house built? Find a construction group, negotiate, sign a
contract, even have it notarized by an agreed upon DRO and you are set
to go AND you have protection against fraud! So say long to socialist
scams like social security and welfare, say long to abuse of
government-sponsored social progams because there won't be any!

Need a loan? Go to a bank. If they won't help you can always find a
charitable organization to help you. And if you like socialism, paying
taxes and the like, feel free to gather together with like minded
individuals. Just don't try and force me off my land. Had the Native
American's been as well armed as the British and neo-American
settlers, our nation would look very different now.

shikarou is responsible for the questions asked (if I got any wrong, Dave, lemme know).
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