January 23rd, 2006


A Wonderful Weekend

It has been a great weekend, better then many others I've had, and thanks to some not-so-subtle-hints-and-approval (more on that later, maybe), will be the first of very many.

I'm $23 and change in the hole with my bank. Please folks, the recipes I offer will make your mouth water. Just ask lostindeath about the chicken recipe I used to have on my website (and will again if someone can send it to me, this time to be a tease for the other yet-to-be-named recipes). I am not trying to poison you or cheat you out of money (hence why I ask for a donation of $1 or whatever more you would feel its worth). There is no money back guarantee, but I will tell you this. If you do not like the recipe, feel free to change it! The whole joy of cooking, at least for me, is in the experimentation with different flavor combinations. I LOVE experimenting with my food and will be the first to try out something new that I make, so any recipe I give to you (or sell, if you so feel the word fits) has already been tested, and these beef tips I've been raving about, well I made three batches (about 2 inch half-pan (lostindeath knows the size)) and each batch was nearly gone before I finished with the next (which I started on immediately after the last). It took me an hour and a half to make all three batches, so about 30 minutes a pop vs. customers who will let MUSHROOMS and POTATOES (very good, seasoned similarly to the beef tips) sit and rot, stupid fucks, and to the customer who complained about there not being enough vegetarian items offered at the restaurant after finding out we no longer had a meat-free spaghetti sauce, get bent! WE HAVE TWO FUCKING VEGETABLE (or nearly) ONLY BARS OF FOODL!!!11111eleventy-one I'm so sorry that you can't have your precious spaghetti sauce, but we cannot offer items to cater to every minority groups tastes! We already have some "oriental" and "Mexican" items mixed in with our mostly-from-the-south menu, PLUS A FREE FUCKING DESERT BART!!!! If we had the room to cook and offer more, the prices would skyrocket because of all you fucktards who take MOUNDS of food, eat two bites, and then LEAVE! There are freakin' people dying in our own country who don't have enough to eat and you dare complain about meat in the spaghetti sauce (which tastes like shit without meat and some seasonings) and/or leave MOUNDS OF FUCKING FOOD TO BE THROWN AWAY!?

Do you know what my daily waste poundage is for my area alone? It averages on 30-fucking-lbs of food a NIGHT! 30x7 = 210 lbs of food WASTED!!! That food could have gone to feed those less fortunate then you, but oh no. You'll complain about ALL YOU CAN EAT STEAK FOR ONLY 8.99 (plus a carving bar, taco bar, two hot bars, two cold/salad bars, AND desert bars + unlimited drink refills) and then leave MOUNDS OF FOOD (or worse yet, STICK FUCKING STEAKS IN YOUR PURSE, you cheap ass entitlement WHORE) on your plate to be thrown away. I swear we throw away, on a daily basis in all trash cans, at least 400 lbs of food (and other waste) a day! A DAY!


Sorry for the rant.

artzamy23 is extra sweet and caring and loving and sexy and cute and beautiful and just a billion other favorable adjectives. Micah is also a DOLL. zhane, eat your heart out, Micah is da Mac Baby. :p

Hrm. I have an idea I need to shoot by Amy first, but I don't think she'll approve.

We are talking about marriage. I know, I know, it's soon but I mean, we love each other, we've known each other literally for years, and we've definitely had our share of life experiences to know exactly what it is we want and if in fact the other person has those things. The talk also revolved around if I wanted to adopt Micah after we got married (btw, as far as my dad is concerned, we already are married (this is one of those not-so-subtle-hints-and-approval things I mentioned above)). That just blew me away, but in a good way. I have never felt more loved and wanted in my life. I can really get used to this feeling.
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Before I got in the hole, when I thought I had the money for it all, I
started bidding on stuff on eBay. I've now racked up a significant
bill (I won many items that normally would have ran me a bill of
THOUSANDS for only about 140). I hate me sometimes. If I get a lot of
negative feedback (I've emailed all the sellers and begged for
patience), that will be my last foray into buying on eBay for a long,
long time.

I also filed a claim against a seller on eBay whom I have paid, have
waited two weeks plus (the end of this week will make 3) and I have
yet to receive an item, or word back from the seller on when it was
sent and how long I should wait for it to arrive. I've emailed them
two-three times a week in the past two weeks, politely asking for this
information. I'm done dealing with just them. If/when I get my item, I
will be leaving negative feedback.