January 20th, 2006


Work, It Hurts and Stings

I covered a closing for another team member, but this time one who called in without any reason. shikarou and I think he won't last the rest of the week, he's already done the whole "intimidating stare, replete with shaking of body and clenched fists" at one of our managers (btw, it was the female manager who don't take shit from no one no how no way (unless its me, and we just fuss at each other all the time)), makes it to work late almost all the time (semi-understandable, Ryan's is his second job) and only really does well at one or two things on the grill (one of them is cleaning the flat top, he does almost as good a job as I and I've been told I clean it the best). He's also not very talkative, so the customers don't get a "Hi, how are you, how was your day" or some such small talk if they have to wait for a steak (I will admit to though not doing that all the time, but a good deal of the time I try some small talk) which is part of the job.

A few weeks ago, I had a rather large flare up on the main grill, no big deal really. I casually start to take care of it, sometimes taking some dramatic flare with some aspect of putting out the fire, and Paul walks by and mutters, "Remind me again why we pay you?" I grin cheekily and respond, "To put on a show," to which he responds, "*muttergrumble*Can't argue with that*mutter*grumble*" as he walks off. And of course, part of my job description was to be putting on a show (hence the black chef hat, red chef coat with black trim, black pants, and black and white ascot/kercheif tied about the neck). I do a rather good at that most of the time. When we had the wok, when I cooked with it, it would regularly catch aflame on the inside (nothing spectacular, just some combustibles burning off, looks cool when you flip the food and *fwoosh* a 2-foot diameter fireball goes up into the steel blower. My fellow team-members would regularly bemoan about how "one you'll set the place on fire", I usually just chuckle and wink and go about my business.

Anyways, so I cover his shift, get free food (and the food at Ryan's is fairly decent even at the worst of times) which is a bonus because I conjured up some damn excellent food out of thin air, again, tonight. I won't give away the recipe, but those interested could make a small PayPal donation of any size (minimum $1 as PayPal won't do any less, but generally the larger the better, make it large enough and I'll start including other things I make at Ryan's that are not on the menu and never have been or will be) sent to jnagyjr@gmail.com and I will give you the exact recipe I used for this most spectacular creation.

Been listening to Free Talk Live, a podcast that shikarou turned me on to, and I can see why he loves the pod cast. These folks are SPOT-THE-FUCK-ON. Highly recommended.

Got into a long discussion a mailing list I belong to (a politically oriented one, surprise-surprise) and I think I made some good points. Collapse )

I think I really articulated myself well in that last email, much better then the first one. I just hope I get a response this time, not that I need one to validate my own thoughts, but I'd like some good debate on anything I might have said that someone disagrees with (feel free to join in here, no really). Just don't expect me to bow to your beck-and-call to "source" my facts when you can as easily source them as you seek to discredit them. I will try to do my best, though, to show where I get my info from.

edit: Also, almost forgot. Damnit, I'm sitting here forgetting what I almost forgot earlier. Grrr. I'll just post a new entry if I remember it.