January 16th, 2006


"Come On Baby Light My Fire"

Well, I worked a double today, the father of one of my co-workers fell ill and went into the hospital, so I covered that persons shift on display. I wound up with 13.15 hours for today, and 30+ hours for the week. Tomorrow I'll have 38-39 hours for the week, woo!

I also set my pants on fire. I was cooking steak, some of it caught fire so I was moving it to a different spot on the grill (actually the grill had caught fire, catching the steak on fire, moving along) and a piece dropped into a fold on the lower leg of my pants. The pants caught fire and now there is a medium-ish hole and some singed hairs. Lucky for me I noticed the heat next to my leg else I would have been next! ):

I miss Amy.

Not much else to post about.
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