January 15th, 2006


So An Update on Life

A couple of nights ago, I had trouble going to sleep because I was plagued not of thoughts of artzamy23 (which is pronounced Artz Amy 23, btw), but of ladytitan and why she is now so angry at me, of what I did to make her so mad that she never wants to talk to me again (as she more then made clear in a conversation we had about a week or so ago and in an email that followed). It really made me gloomy for a few days because of all the people to be mad at me for recent events, I would not have thought it would be her.

At the very least though, it made me realize that there are no second chances for her and I, and not just because of her recent attitude towards me (and that attitude was from before she read my LJ post). And no, Jamie, you weren't just a stepping stone. I would have happily followed through.

Things between Amy and I are going very well. I mean really, really, exceedingly well. It makes me wonder what could have been had we not broken up all those 4 years ago. No, we aren't engaged, but we also aren't discounting the very real possibility of that, either. That thrills and scares me at the same time. I just want to take things a lot slower. So far we've been out to dinner several times, out just walking around the mall, talking about all types of things although mainly about my impending move to Knoxville and the job-hunt that is now on (which reminds me, further down I'll be talking about the coolest game store in all of TN), and how we miss each other when not together. Her two-year old monster on two legs is cool. While I was down there visiting her son and I got along fairly well (meaning I didn't scare the bejeezus out of him, hehe) so I'm feeling pretty confident about getting along with him when he's old enough that it matters :p. <snip irrelevant portions of post>

I also managed to strain the muscle in my right shoulder. Hurt like heck, went to the ER this morning because I thought I had tore something (and because there was no way I was going in to work to only hurt myself more). Now I have a muscle relaxant and everything.