December 31st, 2000


Friendship lasts forever

Today, for the first time in a very long time, I'm actually happy. I went to bed with a smile and woke up with a smile. I had a nice, long talk with my lady friend and found out why things had to end, at least intimately. Thats between me and her and no one else. I got the closure I needed to start healing, and although it's gonna be a while, at least I can start healing. She was the first person I ever truly fell in love with, and I'm happy for that. She's a special person and she forever holds a special part of my heart, although not all of it. There is no need to run away from my emotions or try to control them because I know that with the help of my friends, I can deal with them all. While this day won't be the most kick ass day, it's a damn good one for me. :)

Thank you, Cathy, for being you.
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