December 19th, 2000


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You know, someone told me today (via email) that I should get over myself and smell the Happiness coffee. What I had was mostly dream, while she is LIVING her dream, at least according to this one person. *shrugs* Who knows, maybe they are right, but what if they aren't? What if it was real? I guess I will never know until I meet her face to face. Only then will I be able to see if she, like every other woman I have met, is repulsed by my very existance, or if we truly have a chance, both as friends and as a romantic couple. Which brings me to point number two...I almost got into another long distance this a warning of things to come if I don't change? Or is it a prophecy of how I will meet my future wife (not that I plan on getting married, but things can change in the blink of an eye)?

Oh well, I think I can rest assured that whatever happens, I will face it head on with grim determination and a frown, at least for now anyways.
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