December 15th, 2000


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Well, once again I overreacted...I guess time has really come that I see her as a friend. I still love her, but I imagine the time has really come that I should move on. It's time for letting go, not completely mind you, she is still my friend, and she still means the world to me, but we have our own paths to follow still. Maybe one day, or even in the next life, we shall cross paths again, only time will tell. Soulmates, most definitly, life mates, not this time, not yet anyways. These past 6-8 months have been some of the hardest ones that I have had to endure, but I'm still alive, sort of. I still feel dead inside, okay, maybe not dead, but definitly empty. Empty and lonely, but I shall survive, as she has survived, as we all must survive. Life has it's little ups and downs, and sometimes it's big ups and downs, I've hit mostly big ups and downs lately, but thats okay, the ride will smooth out eventually.
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