December 14th, 2000


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It has been too long since I have last posted (no poem for today, I am to tired to copy and paste it). Since I last posted I have gotten into an accident, gotten arrested for driving with no liscense, been sentenced to 16 hours of community service, and on top of all that, an email I sent to my friend got her autoresponder....not a good sign. :(

I don't know what to make of it...the card was viewed, she appeared to be on Y!M, she didn't respond to my IM's, I don't know what to do...if she is still in Boot camp, I want to send her a care package, but I just don't know...I wish sometimes I would have killed myself a few months back...then my parents wouldn't have to ever worry about not having enough money to pay bills. I wouldn't have any bills, and everyone would be better off without me, I truly believe they would. I'm a leech of the worst kind, I'm the type of leech who doesn't want to admit what is the obvious, now it is to late for me. I'm dead and don't even know it yet.
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