December 6th, 2000



"In Love"....what a torrid state of being that is, you don't know what is heads or tails...and to be honest you don't least while you have it...then one day you hear the dreaded words..."Lets just be friends"...and you think "Okay, I would like that" thinking that having some is better then having none, I don't know about that...I've tried, I really have...I guess I didn't count on my continuing feelings...but thats okay as I have decided that none is better then hurts less in the long run, so it can't be bad...can it? *shrugs* I don't know...all I know is that I just want the pain to go away and I don't know if I can ride out my current wave of emotions keeping on as just her friend. Sometimes it's just good to leave it be..we had our good times, I want to remember those, not the pain I have from not being able to be with her, not being able to be there for her...sometimes, I wonder why I bothered in the first place...but I think I'll leave that for another entry.

Adios mi amigo's and amiga's, I love all my friends.
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    "In My Life" by The Beatles